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EuroLinux Alliance

E-mail: dimitry_dhondt at
Daily Job: IT architect
Function on the Smile project: Principal architect and core developer

Before Dimitry and I founded smile, I had created numerous web applications, based on various frameworks like STRUTS, Litewidgets and even using MS ASP technology.
I was and am convinced that building these applications should be more productive, less error-prone and therefore more fun.
Building a JSF alike framework on the project we worked on back then (April 2003) really convinced me that JSF is a big step forwards.
But what motivates me most of all to work on Smile is that it is fun, it is a project which is not 'managed'(in the classical sense).
I can be creative, innovative, but most of all, have a conversation with lots of interesting people.
To all developers out there who like what we do, I would say: come out and play, join the fun!

E-mail: emol at

E-mail: s_vandenbuys at
Daily Job: Java developer
Function on the Smile project: Webmaster and (soon :-) component developer