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So were are we heading? What can you expect from new releases? Find the answer below.

  • Release 0.3.2 : This release will include more demo applications and some extra components.

  • Release 0.4 (target March 2004): This release will include the JSP tags and should be fully compliant with the Proposed Final Draft.


We have decided to split development in three different modules:

  • Core (JSF implementation)
  • Component library
  • Designer application

So in the near future you will find three different products in the download list, with each their own life-cycle.

Once the spec is final we will try to get the compatibility test suite to run as soon as possible and probably move to version number 1.0 for the core implementation.

  • Release 0.1 (May 2003): Based on the first Public Review Draft of the specification. A show-case of what you can do with JSF technology. It did not include any renderkit, but relied on the direct rendering method, and did not include the JSP tag library.

  • Release 0.2 (December 2003): Based on the second Public Review Draft of the specification, without the JSP tags.

  • Release 0.3.1 (February 2004): The current release. Based on the Proposed Final Draft of the specification, with client side state saving mechanism but without the JSP tags.