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EuroLinux Alliance

On this page you will find links to our available downloads. Downloads will be offered in tgz (for Linux environments) and zip (for Windows environments) formats. You can always choose whether to download the source and/or the binary.

This minor release includes improved demo applications, and an example component (toolbar).

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This release implements the Proposed Final Draft version of the specification but does not yet include the JSP tags.

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A little present from the Smile-team: release 0.2 is available! This release includes the renderkit. The next release will also contain the JSP tags and will follow shortly.

A little warning: we have tested this release with the EA4 jsf-api.jar, NOT with the beta that Sun released last week! We will migrate to the beta jsf-api.jar in our next release.

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We have just published a first release that already contains a basic demo application and a functional API. Getting started is easy: just follow the steps in the "Getting Started" document.

Want to take a closer look at the source-code, then download the source files. Check out the javadoc if you want to give it a try yourself and, as always, let us know your opinion!

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